Sunday, August 10, 2008

The PGA Championship Finish August 10 2008

What a thrill watching Garcia, seeking his first major, and Harrington and Curtis, 'the Open' winners looking for a different major in golf! And Harrington won the most recent major, this year's 'the Open'.
I just watched Harrington, and then Garcia, tee off on 17 and that was unbelievable, both in terms of quality and competitiveness. Meanwhile Curtis is trying to save his game on 16 - and gets a decent outcome from a mess.
Harrington birdies 17. Garcia misses!
Harrington buries himself in a fairway bunker on 18. Curtis leaves himself a longish par putt on 16. Garcia heads into a fairway bunker on 18 too. This is getting really interesting.
Curtis saves his par on 16!
Garcia is not IN a bunker, just beside it.
Curtis hits a 4-iron on 17 and is over the green. Interestingly, Harrington and Garcia had hit 5-irons, while the CBS commenters had doubted the choice.
Garcia puts himself in a bunker by the 18th green.
(Typing gap.)
Harrington pops out of the bunker into the rough! - this looks REALLY bad. He is playing the way I might but at a different scale. Garcia races to the Port-a-Potties.
Hey maybe Harrington's ball is not in such a mess. We shall soon see. Don't forget to watch Big Brother tonight - oops, that is not the golf.
Garcia is back.
Harrington hits a beauty, leaving himself a middling level shot for par.
Back on 17 Curtis hits a horrible shot out of the rough. Now likely just a matter of Harrington-Garcia.
Garcia now shooting out of the bunker - decent shot but leaves him a longish putt.
Curtis misses his par putt at 17 - it will be a bogey. He is almost surely now out of the leadership race.
The long shadows are so pretty on the greens.
Harrington makes a long par putt!! This is pretty much over - a great moment, and terrible too. Garcia fights for second and misses the putt. But hey it does not matter to me so I wander back to Olympics coverage.
Harrington is a great hunter as we also saw last month.

So that was a small exercise trying to document how golf is at least as exciting as curling, and probably cricket. Other sports, like basketball and baseball, are intrinsically a lot duller. I typed this at the rate things were happening at the end.

Thanks to CBS for all the content!


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