Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mayor Miller to the Federal Government

He should act quickly! Don't let those Czechs into perfect gun-range-free Toronto!

Trap shooter David Kostelecký has followed on from the example set by air rifle champion Kateřina Emmons to win the Czech Republic a second gold medal at the Beijing Olympics. Mr Kostelecký hit all 25 targets in the final round on Sunday finishing with a final score of 146. The Czech shooter was the one competitor to turn in a perfect final round, despite facing heavy competition in the early rounds. The event took place amidst heavy downpours in Beijing. After the competition, an ecstatic Mr Kostelecký noted that he believed that the rain had brought him good fortune.

On a side note it was refreshing to see our sports minister Helena Guergis this morning on CBC television announce how much she was looking forward to seeing shooting events, having done some shooting of her own. No doubt Miller will have to get council to bar her from the city.

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At 3:43 PM, Blogger steve said...

Apparently it is O.K in Miller's Toronto to smoke crack, as they will supply free kits in the mail.


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