Sunday, September 07, 2008


Over the last few years I have physically been present for three football matches involving leading teams in Europe.

Surely completely by accident, all three have involved an Arsenal team.

I had the good fortune to attend this match - can it really have been 6 years ago? It was unforgettable to me - I have never been driven out of the stadium at a North American sports event.

I believe I saw the 2001 Arsenal-Fulham match accurately described here, largely because my closest London friend and I could think of nothing better to do on the day. In the end I think there would have been nothing better to do on the day!

And this week, thanks to the sacrifice of Mavis Pilbeam, I was able to watch the second match of the Aresenal-FC Twente back to back in the Champions' League.

Here's Arsenal's team warming up, or maybe just conferring.

And here is a broader picture of the amazing Emirates Stadium (not like the football stadiums I recall from 30 years ago).

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