Saturday, September 06, 2008

Eurovision Dance Contest?

The "Dancing with Stars" memes appear to have spread rapidly, and now many countries can feature pairings of celebrity non-dancers with dancers, and the BBC tonight make it clear there is a European dance-off.
I really wish I would get this on North American TV - or perhaps a world dance-off.
From the Azerbaijani guy proposing to his partner on the show, to the amazing happiness of the Ukrainians (though their non-dancing celebrity was an Olympic gold gymnast, surely stretching the rules), this is just a great show.
This is yet one more case of me fearing that I was in that lucky generation that got to see so many wonderful things of this sort, and that life won't be so nice in 20 years. I hope I am wrong. I think there is good reason to think I am wrong.

UPDATE: Final voting seems to favor Poland - I agree.

UPDATE: Don't think I was frivolous - it is exactly silly shows like this that create the civil society that will make the European Union the great model it might well become.

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