Monday, September 22, 2008

Hitchens Lets Loose

My virtual vote is still Obama's but I wonder more and more why it might be.

Christopher Hitchens expresses his disappointment.

What sentence can you quote from his convention speech in Denver? I thought so. All right, what about his big rally speech in Berlin? Just as I guessed. OK, help me out: Surely you can manage to cite a line or two from his imperishable address on race (compared by some liberal academics to Gettysburg itself) in Philadelphia? No, not the line about his white grandmother. Some other line. Oh, dear. Now do you see what I mean?

Why is Obama so vapid and hesitant and gutless? Why, to put it another way, does he risk going into political history as a dusky Dukakis?

Hitchens' questions are at least entertaining. I have no problem remembering lines from Sarah Palin's speeches. Wipe that lipstick off.

This election should have been easy. I wonder if Hillary, with all the negatives she had, could have done worse.


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