Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Terry Glavin on As It Happens

As it happened, I was driving home at a time when As it Happens was on the radio this evening, and Terry Glavin was engaged in a discussion of the Afghanistan mission (you can hear it as part 3 at the linked site), with his NDP MP Denise Savoie as another interviewee - it is hard to describe the whole discussion as an actual debate.
If you do not care to listen to it, Terry Glavin describes the whole discussion here.
There was a sad predictability to it as the NDPer in the end had to start pushing the notion that the Canadian involvement was somehow serving the Bush administration rather than Afghans.
It would be nice if the NDP was unafraid to show some real leadership for once, and was untroubled by the challenge of formulating a legitimately progressive position on Afghanistan, and was unashamed to stand solidly with the Afghan people as they struggle against the forces of reaction in their shattered country.

But we live in the real world.


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