Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Meaning of Politics

In the midst of two campaigns I care about, the Canadian, where I have a vote, and the US, where I must simply be a fascinated observer, Chris Dillow posts with excellent economy on what I still (hmm, long ago I was on another side, so maybe 'still' is wrong, but I did learn this lesson long ago, so maybe 'still' is OK) think is the key point about elections, ploiticians, and policy:

And this is where politicians differ from the rest of us. They think the state and leadership are solutions. We think they are the problem.

Some of his commenters correctly ask who 'we' are in this statement. If 'we' are Chris and I that seems fine. But I think anyone who actually tries to look at history would be tempted to join the 'we'.

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