Friday, November 07, 2008


Last week I took a half-day vacation to join in the festivities at the University of Western Ontario surrounding the performance of the German elektropop band Dyko. (Well, German-language, given that the vocalist was born in Melbourne, Australia.)
For me, part of the charm and pleasure was their amusing integration into their art of German language training videos, which came from John`s background in Australia, and certainly reminded me of the video set I used as an introduction, set in a time long ago, though it seems John`s were even more ancient than mine.
In this interview you can see an extract (Wo kann ich hier tanzen gehen)from one of the language videos that played a rather large part in the afternoon`s activities, most particularly in the songwriting workshop following their too brief concert.

It is also a delight to see the comment threads on their YouTube videos - many students saying `They came to my school today!`. And in fact the event here was part of a tour arranged around learning the German language.

Many photos are here as well.

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