Friday, November 21, 2008

Weak in the Knees

I am not sure why Serena Ryder has been in the news lately, but she has - I think she rightly finally won one of those dumb Canadian awards - and I must say I LOVE her song "Weak in the Knees", and I love her throaty voice (apparently derived partly from smoking a lot). (I would mostly line up for the suggestions in the song, but, being married, would likely dodge the suggestion to come to bed.)

But hey she can also choose and do great covers!

The voice makes the cover work as well as it does. I do not like the slowing of the tempo. Holly knew what he was doing.

That voice really works for this old song!

And it is nice to see the young'uns inspired by old coot songs. Ryder's voice is stunning.

When Neil Young wrote the lyric line "And I'm getting old" it was ridiculous, but look at this couple! It is almost nonsensical - at least Neil Young looked lightly wasted at the time.

And finally - some Leonard Cohen, with her voice a total delight, and help from the family:

Wow!!! Wow!!! If I were still buying CDs, I know I would be buying Serena Ryder CDs. I have never gone to see her perform live and might do that. For now I think I might go back to "Weak in the Knees".

Wow! Wow!

Hey, Ontario can still punch them out!


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