Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our RollerCoaster Ride

After the US Election SillyWife asked, "What can we watch on TV now?"

Canadian politics has supplied the answer. I was planning to blog at some length on this, but any effort on my part was made redundant by this summary of the last week.

Still, the idea of a separatist party having power over decisions that affect the country from which they want to secede has not sat well with Canadians. Nor has the transparently partisan power-grab and disregard for the public's common sense. The coalition insisted that they had the best interests of Canada at heart, but most Canadians didn't buy it.

So on Dec. 4, when Harper asked Canada's governor-general, Michaëlle Jean, to prorogue parliament – also perfectly legal – until late January, what might have been disastrous, wasn't. Polls indicate Canadians see it as the lesser of two evils

In ensuing events, the Liberal party leader who negotiated the coalition is effectively gone, and the leadership candidate who continued to publicly support it after the prorogation of Parliament was hounded out of the race, and the party is crowning Michael Ignatieff shortly as its new leader. All this in a mere week! Who said we aren't exciting!?

As for the next election, I somewhat agree with Rondi:

Canada will have two major parties led by wonks. I can't imagine a campaign with less charisma.

We may also have a first major party leader in the West who is a signatory of the Euston Manifesto!

I have decided to stop predicting, after my earlier expectation fond hope that Stephane Dion would do a halfway sensible job.

But I don't think the TV politics shows will be a total bore in the next many months.

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