Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Changed America? No This IS the same America

Could it actually have been John Roberts muttering incoherencies about the world's response to the inauguration today? Let's point out that to start with John Roberts was a Canadian (still is, apparently, as well as citizen of the USA). He is sounding at times a little bit like the VJ was in his purely Canadian incarnation as J.D. Roberts.
His point was that today's inauguration represents a new changed America.
This point seems to me profoundly dense. Even if it may well be the view of many inside and outside the USA.
But who elected Barack Obama? The voters of the old not-changed America.
It's the same amazing democracy it has been for as long as any country (except, I think, debatably, the UK) has had a democracy in the modern era.
Maybe J.D. was just suggesting that what he was saying was how some people feel, but he sure seemed to be boosting.


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