Wednesday, January 14, 2009

David Cerny has Reappeared in my Life

When last seen, he was entertaining me as I explored Prague.
He now reappears in this wonderful story. He clearly likes poking a stick in the eye of authorities of many sorts. That the art installation is called Entropa already says a lot about it.
As far as I can tell from the pictures here Entropa is an ugly but really funny piece of work. It basically is a collection of European stereotypes, some of them being rather poignant and astute. I love, for instance, how he depicts my home country The Netherlands as completely covered with water and showing only the tops of minarets. His idea for France is very apt too. “Grève” means “strike”. I am not so sure about his depiction of Germany with its many motorways (looks vaguely like a swastika, but this may be unintentional) but you gotta love Romania as a Dracula theme park and the fact that he simply left out Britain. How do you say “pwned” in the Czech language?

The faux brochure for the installation, complete with invented artists, is hilarious, though it will surely make most EU countries feel rather peeved.

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