Friday, January 16, 2009

Typical CBC Class

As Dubya delivered his farewell address, the little beavers at the CBC were formulating their assessment, to which I woke up. Apparently our choices, according to the dulcet tones of Michael Colton, are between a "failure" and a "disaster", maybe one of them even "total" or "complete"; I can barely recall. Like Norm, someone for whom I have some respect, I am far less certain.
The little toads working at CBC headquarters may have rights to their opinions, but when something so superficial is allowed to be broadcast, I really get riled about the confiscation of money from me to pay for the career of the likes of Michael Colton. There is not even the pretense of reporting anymore - it is just their own little pathetic rants.
And, fortunately, not a single one of the little vermin will ever have the responsibility Bush faced. After 9/11, I said that it would be at least twenty years before we could make a sensible judgment on his responses to it, and I still believe that we need at least that time. This meant then as it does now that I may never get to make that judgment.
I will say I think we now know Bush did one thing that was quite wrong, though I would guess the CBCers would have been in favor of it. He pressured American financial institutions to sell mortgages to people they would not normally have sold them to, with no recognition of the risk involved at the time. I am sure the CBC would have been all for this editorially, and it is largely the source of the giant mess we are in now.
OK end of my rant. All because I had to listen to the idiotic Michael Colton as I woke groggily, delivering judgment on a man who had actually had to make a decision in his life. The nice thing at the CBC is that no decisions are needed - just repeat the brain-dead party line. They do it very well.


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