Friday, February 13, 2009

More from that Concert

The rest of the concert I referred to in an earlier post consisted of duet work between Zhenya Yesmanovich (who also served largely as MC and should get someone to set up a Myspace profile page) and Maia Broido.
It had been too long since I last listened to Brahms' Sonata for Violin and Piano #2, and their performance was spirited and very enjoyable (I had one foot quietly tapping toes throughout), and in the other part of the concert, they played three songs from "Porgy and Bess" as arranged by Jascha Heifetz. The former did entertain the audience mightily, but I thought, as I think many there did, that Broido's violin work did a lovely job of conveying what the human voices normally convey in those songs, especially in "It Ain't Necessarily So".
You can see Broido and Yesmanovich here in a different context.


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