Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick Impression of the Harper-Obama Press Conference

Man - two really bright guys, and pretty articulate.
Obama still tends to fudge contradictions - he describes our borders as open and secure. Unfortunately the reality is clearly that there is a current contradiction between these adjectives. But he just elided it - let's see what press comment on it later.
I loved Harper pointing out that the Canadian stimulus package removed some tariffs. Of course Harper has a much easier task in a Parliamentary system with a supine opposition party than a US President has even with a Congress of his own party, but with rather different political motivations.
I enjoyed the fact that of the four allocated questions, the two given to the Canadian press were given to women to deliver (both the US questions came from men). It would appear Obama enjoyed that too. :-)
Obviously this was meant to be a showcase, but I must say the official bits I watched (not the swooning from the CBC that has polluted the day) have been good.
Harper has also figured out that Obama turns his pro-American position from its past liability to a possible asset.
Mister curmudgeon almost feels a bit encouraged again.


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