Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Sport Sunday

What a glorious, if long, day.
Up at 3 am to watch the Australian Open. Long and not totally boring match, but Federer can surely play a lot better than this. I was very impressed at Nadal's ability to work through his physical problems, much as Verdasco did in the semifinal that helped create Nadal's problems.
Then at 2 pm the Ontario Women's Curling playdowns. I got to watch four ends blanked before I had to head to my next stop. It may not sound exciting to you but I am not sure I have EVER seen the opening four ends of a major match blanked.
And then, to the SuperBowl, a family party for the second straight year!
And what a great game!
Unfortunately we were watching in Canada, where the government props up local petty capitalists and denies us the REAL SuperBowl ads. Oh sorry - I should say - "the government defends Canadian culture". More precisely, the utter lack of same.
Of the ads I have managed to see, I do really like "I am a Budweiser Clydesdale", "I didn't know Daisy was dating", and's "If you hate going to work every day". The insects stealing the coke bottle was pretty good as well.


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