Monday, February 09, 2009

Tanglefoot in Clinton

I had posted earlier on this being their farewell season, and to my delight John discovered they were performing in Clinton, Ontario, last weekend. SillyWife and I joined in at the attendance at the concert. I think John's assessment is spot-on, though I have somewhat different favorite songs. And to be fair about the sound, we were sitting about three pew rows behind a main speaker. Nonetheless I could always pick out the individual instruments in their amazing ensemble work. And I rarely had a problem understanding Al Parrish's lyrics, so there may be, as there too often are in these situations, issues of diction. In fact I found the two singers raised on church choir experience the easiest to understand.
I took a camera, but one disadvantage of the church venue was the lack of stage lighting, and the church lighting forced me to push the ISO to 3200, and we had not seated ourselves for photography, so I had to push the telephoto as far as possible. Out of this I got two semi-decent, if somewhat noisy, shots.
Al Parrish:

I had not seen Tanglefoot in some years. Partly I let my interest flag when Joe Grant left the group, but this was a mistake. His replacement does change the nature of the group somewhat, but also provides some amazing violin and viola playing, and a little more edge to the patter (being a woman). And here is Sandra Swannell:

They sounded pretty serious about breaking up. So I guess I can simply hope for their reunion tour.


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