Friday, February 27, 2009

What Does "Work" Mean?

I have enjoyed this campaign and found it amusing but still don't get what some people think is so important about it. I have no idea how one would determine whether this campaign "worked". And why would I care?
My own atheism started very early and has never wavered, but I don't really care much about other people's views so long as they do not plan to apply force to me. As a kid I think I suffered one physical assault for the atheism (more for the fact that I could have fun on Sunday mornings) and a little psychological intimidation. And yes it would be better if I had not had to suffer that.
But REALLY those poor religious people. I almost feel sorry for them. One fool who thinks church attendance soared after 9/11 and other equivalent nonsense. I do admire the United Church guy who thought the ad could be easily transformed, but one must remember that United Church of Canada moderators have a long recent history of not exactly agreeing with any reasonable notion of Christian doctrine.
This video worried me far more at the end, with the lead to the upcoming video, than with any news on the bus ads.


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