Monday, April 20, 2009

Dancing With the Stars - And Then There Were Seven

To find Melissa's inner maneater we start by having her visit Susan on Wisteria Lane. She is certainly right to emphasize the legs in her dancing. Bruno liked the maneater he had requested and is entirely with me on the legs. 29/30.
LT (whom I still cannot accustom to seeing in other than football gear) gets a little arrange on the driving range. 'Graceful' was in a funny way a skill he had in teh NFL, but it might be a different graceful from what is wanted here. Not awful - though he is not asked for much in the way of movement. Bruno loved the romance and he was right. 21/30 - all judges agreeing on 7.
In a twist this week the celebrities helped design their partner's dancing outfits, and LT designed quite the cover-up on his partner, who did seem to get a bit lost in the dress.
Lil' Kim has been scarily good at times. Hmmm - main goal is to tone down her purported sexiness; it has always seemed pretty toned down to me. Well, if that was toned down, I have been missing something in earlier episodes. Carrie Ann did not like it that much - oh dear. Len, mind you, for whom they toned it down, claims he likes her sexiness. Bruno wants the raunch of the old Lil' Kim back too. 26/30
Chuck is up next (I am a country music fan but had never heard of him). They re leaving a little raunch in - hands over the boobs. Chuck's contribution to Julianne's outfit design was not based on overdressing her. Definitely got the judges happy. 27/30
Ty says he is good at holding on, so he sort of likes the waltz. Good to choose a country waltz. Bruno liked it and Carrie agrees Ty is good at holding on. 24/30
Shawn seems to be having a great time. Though the week was full of award ceremonies! Wow - the gymnast sure knows where her body parts are. 28/30
Cheryl is trying to soften Gilles - rather than Wisteria Lane he gets synchro swimming. Seems he was softened nicely. Cheryl observes that her dress was a bit excessive too (i.e. she felt overdressed). 27/30
The group dance seemed somewhat pointless to me but when you have fewer couples there is more time on your hands, I guess.


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