Saturday, April 11, 2009

How Dumb Can We Get, Part II?

Pretty dumb. P.S. Just in case you have something like Obama's grasp of history, John's description of Jefferson in that post is sarcastic. I tremble contemplating the Law and Order episodes featuring Somali pirate defendants.
I rather prefer John Keegan's approach to this problem.

Such ships must act promptly and ruthlessly, as piracy will spread unless it is stamped out. The Gulf of Aden is an exit from the Mediterranean, one of the world's most important seas, crossed annually by thousands of ships. So our campaign must be ruthless and pitiless: pirate ships must be sunk on sight and the crews left to swim to safety, if it can be reached.

The "cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys" seem to have figured this out. We can hope the hamburger eaters might get it.
Morin told Europe 1 that a rescue would have been impossible if the hostages had been taken to the Somali coast and "by its very nature, there is no such thing as zero risk".

The current routine payment of ransom is outrageous and will simply increase the size of the problem.
As for the case of the current US hostage, I sure hope some solution gets found favorable to his fate. I would have thought four well-timed snipers could fix the problem, but maybe snipers are a little less effective than the ones on TV, when their platform is a boat rocking on an ocean. I don't know. The logistics could be pretty difficult.
P.S. In case you are wondering, I think this and the last post are closely related.


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