Friday, April 03, 2009

Interestinger and Interestinger

For obvious reasons I have been following this story closely as it has appeared in the press.
IBM has made previous runs at possibly buying Sun, and the idea has never struck me as particularly weird. I have seen press references to a clash of corporate cultures, but I don't see that as the case at all, not since the mid 1990s. The cited article is rather weird in some other ways:
Sun is one of the largest sellers of server computers and is known for systems based on its Sparc chips. It has a vast software portfolio, including the Solaris operating system , the open-source MySQL database and the Java programming language.

Hmm let's see, IBM has a full set of Linux implementations across its platforms, AIX on Power, DB2, as well as freebie versions, and its own proprietary implementation of Java, which is the clear performance leader in the industry. I am pretty sure IBM software revenues are vastly greater than Sun's. In fact it becomes a VERY interesting question what IBM would do with all this software wealth it would purchase.


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