Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Un-Gorgeous Georges

This is an appalling piece of crap coming from our state broadcaster.
What I find funny is Galloway seems a lot more sensible than the CBC's George, who simply seems to fawn. There is a lot to challenge about Galloway and I guess that is beyond the CBC's mandate.
My own view is that Galloway is a criminal in the UK, even if Gordon Brown is afraid to have him charged.
So we have a perfect right, as the court ruled, to keep him out. Nobody simply has a right to enter the country. And there is no free speech issue at all, as this video makes clear.
Jason Kenney would be extreme? Not sure about that.
CBC George is capable of no debate here - what a useless effort.
I must say I am really impressed with Galloway in this.
And careful - I do not think this guy is at all sensible.


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