Saturday, April 04, 2009

More Arresting Lines

And more Fred Eaglesmith (sorry, he really impresses me).

Obvious great lines:
"I'm a house on fire too but I've got four alarms".
"One just blows through town and one blows the town away".
"She drives as fast as me but she stops at all the lights".
All great braggadocio.

But it is a great song as it incorporates these brilliant lines, a sort of surprising denouement (but not a finish - the song reverts to the braggadocio!):

"When she takes my hand and she looks me in the eye
I see something that I've never seen in my life
She takes the fire and turns it down low
She takes the night and makes it not so cold
She takes the distance and breaks it into miles
She makes my life just a little less wild"

This very unreliable narrator is full of himself (well herself if you listen, as I strongly recommend, to the Dar Williams performance) but yet recognizes that maybe some grounding is useful!

This guy is one fine writer.


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