Thursday, May 07, 2009

Matt Harding, Conspiracies, and Confessions

I saw one of Matt Harding's early very entertaining videos a long time ago and am surprised I did not post on it (apparently). If you haven't see any of them, here is one - charming, inventive, engaging, and a lot of fun. A truly wacky guy, and such a crazily simple idea.

Here is the first video I recall seeing.

Both document in a lovely way this silly human universal, and the later one starts to suggest it is more than human.
But conspiracy theorists abound. I had not been aware at all of this, but all sorts of accusations were flying around from YouTube commenters that the videos were faked.
So Matt Harding delivered this confession.

The confession includes in an unreadable form this important budget for the project, not readable clearly in the video.

Apparently the YouTube video of the confession turned into a news item, which does suggest Matt Harding is not a bad actor after all. He appears at MacWorld this year and his discussion of the whole story is entertaining.

I loved his discussion of his now odd career - he wasn't good at writing video games, but is good at traveling.
And I do admire the determination of conspiracy theorists, though I don't care much for their intellects.
(Thanks to Bob Bossin for pointing out this great story.)


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