Friday, May 22, 2009

My Crowd Doesn't Really Think That's an Insult

Nor does mine! A 'cosmopolitan'?!
This discussion among four really bright observers of Canadian politics probably entertains only Canadians.
We have a former Prime Minister subjected rightly to an inquiry wondering about his bizarre behaviors. And this is after he did two great things in his period as PM - NAFTA (which I originally thought a bad joke, and was wrong about), and the GST (which I knew always was an improvement on what it replaced). Allen Gregg correctly, I think, describes this as a tragedy - but also a farce. Good God - KarlHeinz Schreiber!?
But the heart of this is the battle coming in the next election. Michael Ignatieff versus Stephen Harper is what it will be. Harper has been drifting into a position of some degree of embarrassment. Ignatieff was a guy for whom I had a lot of respect when he was out of the country. Not so much now that he is home and trying to sell himself in Canada.
We shall see.
Gregg's 'cosmopolitan' response misses the point a bit - I am with his community. But how many votes are?
The Tory ads do nothing to prevent me from voting Liberal.


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