Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spelling Bee on TSN2 - Brutal!

Why are the immigrant kids so damned good?
I'd say partly that their parents care.
And also that English is SO arbitrary they had to think a lot more.
What a brutal battle!
"Hebdomadally" - is it spelled that way in English? Kid gets eliminated and I sure wonder about that goofy spelling.
"pterylosis" - when has an English-speaking human last used that word? It has NEVER teased its way into my daily life.
Sukyanya Roy gets "stapp". Ridiculous. I have never seen this word used.
"Thyalicine"? Have you ever used this word? Another dark-skinned babe gets removed. Who can take this seriously? It's like picking a Supreme Court Justice.
Next kid, East Indian male, gets the ridiculously easy "Kalium" and gets it wrong.
This is really not very impressive.
The next word is insane and not used in daily life, and for another East Indian - much as I enjoy this, it seems nuts to me. I am gone. Why even bother with this nonsense?
I have had it! This is stupid. A kid gets eliminated for missing an utterly totally arbitrary transliteration. What is the point?


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