Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sports Highlights

Sharapova (with a slight mustache exposed by those cruel TV cameramen) moved along, against a Petrova who seemed to want to look as much like a body-builder as Nadal. And I was pleased.
Later in the day Barcelona won one of those football matches where justice is clearly done. And it was very clearly done. Paul Hinderaker summmarizes very nicely. This match was not as competitive as one might have liked, but the justice done was satisfying. SillyWife and I especially liked that the goal that essentially finished the match derived from an assist from a guy whose name sounded like "Shabby", and came off the head of "Messy".
Congratulations Barca - one truly solid win. Hinderaker points out that the Man U passing was awful - he leaves out that the Barca passing was superb.


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