Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ashbridge's Bay - A New Record - June 3, 2009

Today a new record was set. On my morning jog, I was buzz-bombed separately by three different male red-winged blackbirds - tops ever up until now was once per morning jog. I don't know if I seemed particularly threatening this morning, and I ran away so fast each time I was not around to see whether the dog-walkers or other joggers and walkers got equal attention.
It makes me wonder if my general impression that there is more bird life down there this year than in previous ones is true, and that this may be making the red-wings a lot more defensive about their nests.
One thing that appeared this year that has not in several years was a couple of families of Canada Geese, with babies!

They must have hidden the nests well (as Parks people apply mineral oil to their eggs and those of mallards in breeding season).
Occasionally I'll hear one of these guys or see one flying in the distance. On this special morning one decided to join me on the path for a stroll.

Unfortunately I did not get the famous broken-wing display.
This guy did much better with his camcorder.

Now in the end it is not only the fauna that feel the season. This willow was feeling pretty raunchy.

as was this (unidentified by me) tree.


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