Monday, June 22, 2009

Neda Soltani

I saw the original YouTube upload pretty early on Saturday and it was an awful watch, as it was utterly and horrendously clear that this was at the very least a video of someone dying right in front of you, and someone terribly attractive, which should not matter but does.
I am not linking to it, not because of its being removed and restored frequently to YouTube, but because it is just so awful. I do not recommend watching it.
But if you are tempted by ideas that this is a fake, or not horrendously moving, then find a link, but be warned. What the body does as someone dies in her circumstances is terrible, and it is clear on the video. And it cannot readily be faked. (And you have not seen that on CNN - they have edited extensively.)
Yesterday CNN was all about the woman "known only as Neda". Of course even by then the Web world knew she was Neda Soltani. Why belittle her and make her abstract?
Ahmadinejad's and Khamenei's goons felt this was a killing they were allowed.
Why they picked her I have no idea. It is still the case they are holding back on the machine guns and the tanks. I would like to think that is because they cannot count on commanding them. That is likely a foolish dream.


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