Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Reflection on Obama and Iran

As I posted earlier, I have not felt sure about Obama's reaction to the Iranian demonstrations.
This posting at Andrew Sullivan's blog makes me feel better at my earlier view that Obama had acquitted himself pretty well with earlier statements.

For what it's worth, not one of them thinks Obama should be saying anything more than he has - that's partly what made the Shah so hated. I would also say that anyone who doesn't think that Obama's No Ruz message and his speech in Cairo didn't contribute at least something to this uprising doesn't know any Iranians - the feeling of hope that Obama gave to Americans and people all over the world (rightly or wrongly…) has trickled down to Iranians. On a human level, as well, everyone knows how far a little respect can go.

I know I underestimated these people! And I find this all terribly moving. Seems to me they are pretty smart and don't need much more than the obvious intervention of not publicly recognizing the results of the election.


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