Sunday, July 05, 2009

Pity and War

What he said. I even stole the title of his post.
Seeing pictures of burnt out shells of houses with body parts scattered about, or a child's head lying in rubble with flies buzzing about its eyes, one has to be inhuman not to feel a sense of remorse at the wasteful brutality of warfare, and a desire for a future in which war is firmly a thing of long gone, darker ages, but the great irony is that as long as least one side in a conflict feels it can mobilize such noble human sentiments as propaganda on behalf of its cause, powerful incentives will remain to engage in reckless behavior which will guarantee that we will see many more ugly images of mayhem. It is a great pity that the leaders of movements such as Hamas and Hezbollah care far more about the killing of Israel's children than they do about the lives and welfare of their own - and a disgrace that so many "journalists" allow themselves to be passive vehicles for the propagation of such tendencies.


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