Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stun? Those neighbours must be stunned to start with - Kingston Mills drownings

I heard about the Kingston Mills canal drownings as I was driving to Quebec City on June 30.
From a very small number of simple facts - a) the names of the victims, b) the sex of ALL the four victims, c) the fact that they had been in a two-car convoy with the males in the family, and d) the obvious lie being reported as the mother's first story about where her daughters had gone, I inferred that the male members of the family, likely aided by the mother, had murdered the women.
I imagine the Kingston Police did as well within a few minutes of talking to the survivors.
I have been awaiting the charges and now see that the Kingston Police, having done a lot more research, have arrived now at the obvious conclusion (I am happier they waited until they felt they had proof of the obvious conclusion).
We're well past being in any way kind to this sort of murderer and I hope they get put away for a very long time. My Canada does not want to include murderers of any kind, but this kind, disproportionately affecting young women who must be so delighted at the freedoms available in our society, is particularly repulsive.


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