Saturday, August 01, 2009

Captured Canadians

Where do I start? Walking into a pub in 1979 and hearing the great lyrics "There are some things you can't cover up with lipstick and powder, But I heard you mention my name, can't you talk any louder?". Thirty years later the genius who wrote those lines is married to a Canadian Jazz singer that a lot of people find exciting (not me); in the end one result of that marriage is that Elvis Costello has a Bravo Canada show.
I stumbled into one episode today and what a lovely shock - James Taylor is the guest and he is covering George Jones!
This is what I truly love about art - that mutual respect, and all that other stuff.
Thanks, Bravo. Thanks, James Taylor! and thanks, the utterly great Elvis Costello!
UPDATE: Maybe I have to start watching this show more regularly. It cannot simply be that James Taylor is appealing, can it?
Hmm, maybe it can, but maybe it's worth trying another guest.
UPDATE #2: I hate having to revise opinions. But wow this is a really fine discussion between Costello and Taylor. Should I keep watching this show? I think I might try.
James Taylor seems a really appealing guy. And Elvis Costello is really smart!


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