Saturday, August 08, 2009

One Roller-Coaster-Ride is Done

Well that was one fine trip.
The last 100 pages were an unending collection of dropping shoes (many no doubt from the first book, explaining the comment of my car-dealership-service-room-waiting neighbor).
All that Larsson had built got to explode in the last 100-odd pages, leaving me laughing and unable to drop the book. Amusingly, I noticed two references to roller-coasters in those last 100 pages, one as Lisbeth is on the stolen Harley, and one as she is simply looking at an amusement park, and I am sure it is no accident on Larsson's part.
The novel requires quite a bit of suspension of disbelief (mostly for me on Lisbeth's rather mythic hacking skills, though the idea that she so handily beats up the two Hell's Angels guys is also some stretch), but it pays back for that so nicely.
Tarantino? Well, maybe the lurid aspects are what makes the stories fun. I would want to watch.
Brad Pitt as Blomkvist? Sure, might work.
But who can possibly play Lisbeth Salander? Might Jorja Fox come back (though perhaps not quite age-appropriate)?


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