Friday, August 28, 2009

Reality the Year Their Teachers Were Born

Hans Rosling strikes again in a lovely way. And he is exactly right about how misinformed young people will systematically be.

Watch for that subject line. There are many people who would prefer to deny the progress, because it negates their narratives. Do not listen to them. Let Rosling's dataset change your mindset. No matter how much it wrecks your favorite notions about how the world is working.
He makes a fantastic point about the scheduling of social development versus economic development.
I love "We have a world which cannot be looked on as divided." Indeed!
His sense of history moves me greatly.
"And that doesn't come easily from the mouth of a Swedish public health professor." He is smart and funny. My sweet spot. And his humor makes the message so much more clear.
His most terrible phrase: "It will never affect a rich person".


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