Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DWTS - Season 9 - Week 1 - Who Gets Tossed?

I still miss Melissa.
OK boring third-party boring performer performs boringly. Hope it is over soon. I think this guy is worse than boring - he seems close to offensive.
Who can get bumped the first week?
"There's only one one way to get in that club - suck". Penn Jillette made it.
Tom DeLay survives! Too great! And I am pleased to see Ashley go rather than Micheal Irvin. Ashley Hamilton had the least real case for being in the competition so this elimination has some clear justice.
What woman goes in this first round?
(Meanwhile I watch Miley Cyrus and wonder this is what became of social conservatism. I think it is.)
"You're a white middle-aged Republican and dancing comes naturally to you." Why cannot ABC bring the same skills to their News department? This has to be incredibly cheap entertainment. (Even including the magic of the Lion King.) And yet truly entertainment!
I sure hope it is Macy who gets tossed tonight; she seems useless.
Nice idea to do a small Swayze tribute.
Woman knocked out is Macy. Yay!
Excellent. I want to see the remaining women learn to salsa!



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