Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Amazing What Tasks Overworked MPs will Take On

Scott Kelby, an excellent writer on photography, has discovered that the UK Parliament has found some new nannyism.

members of the British Parliament are calling for a ban on digitally altering ads aimed at children under 16, and disclosure of these modifications in ads aimed at adults

After all, we're all so dumb, we need to be told that Naomi Campbell really does not look like that should you meet her.
I'm not going to put a lot of argumentation here. This just seems completely ridiculous to me. I'd rather see the Jennifer Love Hewitt that is on the cover of the magazine on the cover of the magazine than the real one (yes, it parses). (I pick her purely generically. I do not think there is a celebrity this comment does not apply to, and I welcome those who feel I have wronged them to comment - I will update to remove them from consideration, including you, Jennifer.)


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