Friday, September 11, 2009

John Fires Across the Bow (or into the Hull?)

My good friend the EclectEcon (mildly suppressed snarl) decides to out our disagreements about tennis coverage.
I still do not know what his problems are with the CBS team. His explanation seems exceptionally feeble.
What I think irritates me is his arrogant yet whiny condescension that both says and implies that if only the players had done what he thought they should, they'd have won the point/game/set/match/whatever.

I confess I have never noticed this about McEnroe and will watch for it, but I also suspect McEnroe's assessment of such things is likely pretty darned good. That is in fact what I expect from the color commentary people.
I will confess that my expressed enthusiasm for the CBS team was mostly focused on the women, and I will also confess that, while I do think they are generally knowledgeable, they are also quite cute, and that is a positive element.
But do not get me wrong. I think both McEnroes are very useful and truly appreciate CBS' decision to use them in their coverage.


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