Wednesday, September 30, 2009

London's High School Production - Grease

I mentioned earlier plans for last Saturday.
It has another few days to run, and you should see it. If there is a show that high school students would love to perform it is this one. The male lead is superb - he sings, dances, and acts brilliantly.
The woman who plays Rizzo has a great voice and presence.
The choreography is amazing and surprising at times - I loved a little Travolta/Pulp Fiction reference at one point.
Some of the staging just makes one giggle. (The cars are done with great ingenuity.)
Yet another triumph for the London high school project, truly a Grand idea.
I do not know why they do not do such a thing in conjunction with the Canadian Stage Company in Toronto. Seems to me it is likely the territoriality of the high school programs, and the conceit that each of the blessed artsy high schools can do it on its own. And so they get audiences that are just the families and friends.
Oh I just went and looked. The remaining run is deservedly sold out! Sorry to have tempted you.


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