Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Council Hard at Work

I am pleased they can fret about this.
Councillor Gloria Lindsay-Luby, who chairs the Government Management Committee, concurred. "This has been a bugaboo of mine," she said. "There are few things that really bug me and this is one of them.

Her unwillingness to be bugged by issues other than the spelling of her job title and possible ethnic origin explains and awful lot when one realizes she chairs the Management Committee. What a pathetic bunch.
The word colour is spelled wrong 3,000 times, or 15.9% of the time."

There is something wonderfully wacky to imagine someone has spent my tax dollars counting the occurrences of 'color' (I am assuming that the misspellings that trouble our wasteful council do not take the form 'mxylpyx') in city documents. The inserted 'u' in several words is one of those stupid and wasteful bits of nationalism that I really don't think is worth a cent of my city taxes.


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