Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why all the Slavs? - Tennis 2009

One of Bill Easterly's commenters makes a good point, that also explains Canada's Wozniack, and Denmark's Wozniacki.
Moreover, the theory's mechanism includes, I think Clijsters. She may outly the system differences but hardly refutes the point.

The Communists selected hundreds of young male and female athletes to train for the Olympics, and located them at training centers. Inevitably, many of them married. And their daughters grew up to be some fearsome athletes too.

The original post makes some other claims I think ridiculous but they address points that matter.
I am not convinced Oudin is especially able to compete compared to her skills. On that point I still think Sharapova wins - when her physical skills are shot she will still fight you to the end. I would love to think I know of other women like that right now.


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