Tuesday, November 17, 2009

CRTC - We're Into Self-Invited Witnesses

Edgar Cowan's neighbor at the table, an attractive younger woman, seems unsure of this apparent old hippie.
But the old hippie is kind of fun - does not want to be thrown to the lions!
Pam Astbury, the attractive younger woman, has gone out of her way, she claims, because of her commitment to high-quality television. And yikes! Another digital television conversion fretter! The Pope reports that she is speaking too quickly.
This poor woman says she has a deficiency of David Suzuki. My own view is that she should be thankful!
She is raving about Kamloops. Apparently the forest fires have relevance to TV. Do they not have cable there?
Ahh she is a group that is part of the solution to the problem. So what is that? Conversion to multiplexing is only 90K and it can be divided among six stations. What the hell has this to do with these hearings? Ann - now at the bottom line - not a damned thing. But it is about the digital transition.
Thanks for your time.
And now Wendell Wilks, who apparently is a perennial at such hearings. He speaks of President Charles deGaulle of Fraunce. Dear God - I am starting to feel sorry for the commissioners. They have to listen to this? Though I doubt the Pope will rebuke him for failure to genuflect. I'll give this guy credit, though - he does a nice job of documenting the uselessness overall of the CRTC.


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