Monday, November 23, 2009

Customers Mentioned Again at the CRTC!

The Pope mentions us, saying we should be ready to pay a lot more because HDTV is better than standard resolution TV.
The group presenting this morning (Canadian Cable Systems Alliance) points out that getting HDTV requires you to get a new TV and a new cable box, and maybe just driving charges up forever is not brilliant!
The spectacle of these ill-qualified bureaucrats contemplating setting prices would be funny if it could be funny. It is not funny - it is profoundly ugly, and I am coming to dislike every commissioner, through no fault of any one of them but for taking this role.
It is a little strange hearing ONLY the cable companies apparently worried about their customers.
A passing comment a little while ago may suggest why - the realization that nobody needs to watch television on a television. That development leaves the broadcasters with some sort of business model (it is not clear what) but the cable companies with nothing. So the cable (well, and satellite) companies are the ones most worried about alienating us.


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