Monday, November 09, 2009

A Whiny Culture of Entitlement

Cassandra, the wife of a marine, is less than impressed with the recent performance of her Commander in Chief, and for good reason.
Faced with largely imaginary ills, the Obamas are all sympathy. During the campaign, they were more than willing to promote a whiny culture of entitlement that undercuts everything the military stands for - just to win a few more votes on Election day.
Tell me something: in a moment of national tragedy is it really too much to expect the President of the United States to forego the "shout outs"? Is it too much ask that he learn the difference between the Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Medal of Honor? What we require from our leaders at times like this is not much, really. No one expects them to actually care. What we want is precisely the kind of thing that comes so effortlessly to Barack Obama: honeyed words and a reassuring show of compassion from a man who thinks that quality is the most important attribute a Supreme Court judge can possess. A public acknowledgment that something grave has happened. But for some reason, asking the Commander in Chief of our armed forces to give even the appearance of empathy was a bridge too far.
 It's that perpetual lack of grace again.  Read her whole piece.  One can see military morale heading back to that in Carter days.

Of course it is not just Obama.  The whole media establishment have been bloviating since Thursday, and have managed now to get Army top brass falling into the same stupid narrative, about imaginary backlash against Muslim soldiers, of which there is no evidence.  I suspect this has to do with the college kids influenced by their sixtiesish professors and leaders picturing soldiers as rednecks.  The sad fact is there are numerous recent instances of Muslims shooting up soldiers, even fellow soldiers, and no backlash to date.  And this is because people are not so stupid as to think it is ALL Muslims; they know the difference between a Hasan and the many fellow Muslim soldiers who have served loyally with them (and there is sorry evidence that this difference was known before the shooting).  Perhaps it is more a problem of the media folk and the higher authorities unable to make the same distinction so easily, and projecting their own sorry problems on more sensible people.

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