Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Agree with Mungowitz on his Economics Quiz

And it is a tad serendipitous as I had almost this chat with my dentist's secretary surrounding my appointment this morning (those teeth feel clean!). Though actually she pretty much articulated the whole argument, as someone who had taken one of those cruises, and had a beach BBQ, a couple of years ago. She also got what I think to be the right answer.
Is it a quiz on economics? I think more on overall human welfare, though much of the former is indeed about the latter.
Because the alternative is to say, "Haiti is devestated. Let's boycott Haiti, to make sure the economic damage is as great as possible. Let's deny local workers the only chance they have to make some money, so as to make our rich white American selves feel moral."
The dentist's secretary mentioned that the cruise ships also deliver aid, not just jobs.
Sometimes our aesthetic views of our own virtue (which surely many view as morality) conflict with the realities on the ground.


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