Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So That we Don't Forget History

I am a bit astonished that this superb recollection by Andrew Anthony is printed by the Guardian. No newspaper in the world seems to me more full of the kinds of apologists, both as writers and readers, that he describes so solidly.
It remains astonishing to me that the whole Cambodia story did not make Noam Chomsky a laughing-stock, and cause many people, as it certainly caused me, to be careful of my reflex wish to blame the United States for everything bad, and hence (the true sin) to apologize for and somehow justify the very bad behavior of anyone who clad himself in anti-American attitudes.
I had never heard of Malcolm Caldwell before reading this story, but I sure have met a bunch of similar people in my life. They were lucky not to be murdered in the process of having a grand audience with the criminal slime they were praising.
"Oh you philosophize disgrace..."
Read the article - it is utterly excellent, and poses a lot of great questions. How can people be so stupid?


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