Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Laschinger Must be Grinding His Teeth a Lot

I love this - I hope Giambrone stays in the race to drain votes from other Miller look-a-likes politically.
Now Toronto may be the one place in the world where a clown like Giambrone, after these revelations, thinks he can win a mayoralty election; but I find it hard to believe that even Toronto is going to accept the levels of duplicity, self-regard, and cynical lack of respect for the public, that Giambrone has displayed.
Poor Laschinger!
I did not realize this bit, and it shows how cretinous Giambrone is:
After the Toronto Star mistakenly identified Giambrone as married in a recent profile, Lucas shared text messages with the newspaper about their relationship:
"You know I will be announcing I have a partner," Giambrone, 32, wrote in a text message to Lucas Dec. 27. "It is someone named Sarah, who I've been involved with in the past. It is important for the campaign."
It's interesting to see how Miller's other toads line up:
"I just think this kind of gutter reporting, I have no tolerance for it," said Councillor Sandra Bussin. "He's running for mayor, and it's about his personal relationship. He's not married, and I'm wondering where we ever draw the line on personal relationships."


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