Monday, February 01, 2010

So Long Andy Barrie - I Will Miss You

I've never had a high opinion of Andy Barrie's intellect, but there is a lot more to running a morning radio show, especially in Toronto, a city that elected David Miller twice!
But damn he could run and control an interview, and work with producers who ran a GREAT morning show.  With the effect that I never thought over the last many years of NOT tuning into Metro Morning.
So Andy - I rarely agreed with you - but thanks for all the fish.  And please enjoy your retirement as I am enjoying mine.
I feel sorry for the CBC - it will be hard to replace you.  Losing Don Newman and Andy Barrie in one year is a strsss, and I see no sign the corp is recovering.
Once again - Andy, as annoying as I always found you, thanks.  You did your job professionally and with a lot of grace.  That I appreciate.  And I know you are so self-absorbed you are reading this, largely just meant for my family.  But hey I think they will have a hell of a time replacing you.


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