Monday, March 22, 2010

The Amazing Race

Rondi beat me to it so I will let her do the hard work here.
I cannot stand the cavilling effeminate brothers - this week they topped themselves with the observation that people in Belgium might not speak great English! How is their French?
Unlike Rondi I rather like the dumb models; it's clear Caite has figured out that she is not all that bright and I respect that. I really like almost everybody else left, except the lesbians (exactly for Rondi's reasons - the various lesbians I know will not for a moment think it is because these women are lesbians).
Steve and Allie charm me, as do the detectives. But right now I, Like Rondi, am cheering for the detectives and the cowboys. They are so aware of themselves. And all these three teams have shown some interesting resourcefulness (especially in this episode as some of them were sent to utterly wrong places by local tourism offices - yes I know the cowboys got on the wrong track on their own, but they would not have done a lot better by going to the tourism office).


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