Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DWTS - I Was so Geeked Up

Dancing with the Stars is not fair - it is clear that the professional performers have a big advantage and that Nicole Scherzinger is the class of the dancing field this year. So in a sense it is nice that there is a voting element to toss people off; but in the end I think it is the weakest dancers who have been tossed off so far.
This week's episode, before tonight's elimination, has been interesting. Chad Ocho Cinco is actually starting to dance, so I hope he lasts a week or two more. Erin Andrews keeps getting bashed by the judges, but she is my favorite, perhaps because I am the sort of person who likes ESPN (i.e. I am male). But it is also Erin who used that subject phrase "I was so geeked up", at least for me originating a new use of the word 'geek'.
As for Scherzinger last night, Carrie Ann's "I was looking for constructive criticism", followed by a reach said it all. On the other hand, Len's a "hotch potch of sexy moves" was also right.
We are getting into the interesting part of the season, as the judge's votes are diverging at last. Though there were many too many 7's last night - 7 seems to me a cop-out.
Personally, I would like to see Pamela Anderson eliminated next, though Bruno last night praised her for just what she deserves praise for - excellent performance skills. Also, it is sweet to see shots of what I take to be her mother in the audience.
As it was great to see Buzz and Donnie, too!


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